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Graduating to Medicare?  Considering retiring? We can help!

We can help you with big decisions of taking Medicare, staying on your group health plan, applying for coverage, helping you make the right choice for additional coverage.  

We like to meet with you about 6 months in advance of any “big change” you have – turning 65, considering retirement and losing benefits or need to compare retirement medical plans to others.  We explain how Medicare works, then explain what your choices would be for additional coverage.  Medicare Supplemental or Medicare Advantage coverage.  Then we send you home to talk with friends, doctors, and others.

We send you home with a “homework” list and information to review and a follow up date about 60 days in advance of your birthday to meet again.  This meeting will be the “decision” meeting to make choices and complete paperwork.  

Braddock-Harrison Agency maintains contracts with many Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.  We will help you find the very best option for you and your situation.  
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